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Join as an Area Partner

Become our Area Partner and start attracting more customers, closing sales faster, and increasing your income with zero extra effort.

Advantage of Area Partner

Lead Generation

List your properties for free on our site and generate leads. Get more leads, close more deals, and grow your business.


Deal Beyond Area

Close deals beyond your local area from the comfort of your office without being limited to your specific area or city.



Digitize your business, enhance your online visibility free of cost, and reach a wider audience quickly and effectively.


Our Support

A dedicated manager to guide you through every step of closing a deal, offering top-notch support and advice from start to finish.

How does it Work?

  • Start Getting Leads
    Depending on the locality you serve, we will hand over the buyer's requirements to you. If you have a buyer? Showcase the Properties available with Residenseek and schedule a site visit. You earn on a successful transaction. Residenseek will not contact the partner's buyer directly and the Partner will not contact Residenseek buyers directly.
  • Sign up to become Partner
    Sign up and become our area partner, we will connect you on WhatsApp and share a link to upload your direct properties.
  • How much will Partner Earn?
    We will only share in the total commission when a successful transaction occurs with one of our partners. You keep 90% of the brokerage and we keep only 10%. Not a bad deal right?

Are you Ready to Become our Area Partner?

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