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Spreading Happiness by Saving Brokerage

About Us

Residenseek is a tech-enabled real estate broking platform. We provide a brokerage-free and service-charge-free platform to home seekers who want to buy a home or get on rent. With our technology and large real estate broker network, we also provide quick liquidity to the property owner and help them to get sell or rent out their property quickly and easily.

Our Story

Our journey starts with a question, why should buyers or tenants have to pay brokerage to buy a home or get on rent? And we feel that it is an unfair practice happening with the home seeker for a very long time. To stop this unfair practice ResidenSeek was founded in 2021 and comes up with an idea to change the Real Estate market for home seekers by helping them to find a perfect without brokerage and service charges. As we know, buyers and tenants are the essential elements of the Real Estate Market, and the transaction won't happen if there are no buyers or tenants in the Market. We don't take any brokerage or service charges from the home seekers and provide free service from start to end. We will stop this unfair practice and make the home-finding journey with zero brokerage and zero service charge. Are you with us?

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Client Serve


Brokers Network


Years of Expertise

Our Vision, Mission & Objective


ResidenSeek vision is to build a brokerage-free and service-charge-free platform for home buyers and tenants, where they can find homes completely free of cost and provide a create quick liquidity to home sellers and landlords.



ResidenSeek's mission is to build a strong network of real estate brokers by working together to serve home seekers and property owners. We want to create a secure, efficient, and reliable real estate network that benefits all stakeholders.



ResidenSeek's objective is to provide quick and excellent customer service throughout the entire real estate transaction. We aim to make the process smooth and simple and stress-free for our clients.

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